Requirements to hunt.

Requirements for importation of Firearms into South Africa.

SAP 520 Form available from your outfitter or you can download it from the Police website at We also recommend you to visit this website as to help you to complete the SAP 520. Follow the links: Firearms, then information, and then click on the importation of firearms into South Africa. Additional Requirements along with the SAP 520 are the following.

Identity and Flight details

1 Passport.
2 Return airline ticket.
3 Proof of ownership of rifles.
4 Proof of export documentations from country of origin.
5 Motivation letter from client stating his hunt and the species he intent hunting.
6 Invitation letter from hunting outfitter.

Firearm allowances

No more than one firearm per calibre and 200 rounds per firearm per person. Handguns will be allowed into the country for hunting purposes only and if fitted with a scope. Any person wanting to bring in a handgun needs to have a letter from an association in the country of origin, stating that the handgun will be used for hunting purposes. All applicants must be 21 or over.

Prohibited firearms

1 Any fully automatic weapon.
2 Any semi- automatic weapon.
3 Handguns for self-defence.
4 Weapons which fall under military categories.

Clothing and accessories

Three or four sets of clothes, hat, old shoes, good socks, and raincoat. Light jacket September to April. Heavy jacket, gloves and tracksuit for months May to August. Camera, film and video camera, binoculars. Items of a personal nature. One soft gun case. Suntan oil and a daily smile. We can arrange medical insurance (if needed). It is advisable to take anti-malaria tablets prior to your hunt.


The summers are very hot (September to April) and the winters (May to August) can get extremely cold. Winter days are mostly mild and sunny, however mornings and nights can be cold.


We have a highly trained team of professional hunters, trackers, skinners and camp staff who will help and escort you to your dream hunt and trophies. You are advised to bring your own rifle, however one can be provided should you require.


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